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Obersand understands that " human specie, this present global situation is happening as if we were going through one of those stages ". She  kind of jokes around with her kids when explaining and comparing our evolutional stage with some type of seriously rebellious adolescence, as we all may get into occasionally. But you know what?... Art is here to help" .

— she says.

In her interest for implementing Art since early childhood, and against those odds any mother can

beat, surely at this point, her

teenager sons are conscious that:

Nothing costs to be a good example for a child." 


This results of utter importance, when one is also

aware the younger population will always

be the foremost vulnerable target-directed victims of

often self-destructive misconceived perceptions. 

Meanwhile, we all know that preservation of the specie is one of  the most basic traits

of our survival instincts and, since she believes that   " ...right there is where the relevance of  trusting the gut  comes from" , her motto is inspired in reinvigorating her community by participating

with conscious personal contributions that carry

(in the most basic of the definitions): 

" a conservational purpose..." 

As Obersand states: "...focusing in our children's joyful development, will create generational changes... at this stage as specie, one is intelligent enough to choose the time line ".

Hence, with one eye on ancestral principles and the other in science's far horizon infinite direction 

(as the reflection of our evolution),

she is devoted to the idea that restoration starts from

within, as well as it starts in the now; especially when

decanting herself by painting simple shapes, symbols

with purposeful messages.

Always happy to be committed with her community (as she sees in it a big family) Obersand currently finds herself as well, tremendously excited about having just published her first book of what will become a Saga of three books.


She also has been volunteering for 10+ years as the

Director of Children's Affairs at the

Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts,

because she sees in the act of serving others,

a way of turning this grounds into a more

fruitful soil:

— Kids are seeds, let's help them sprout!... "


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